Hair transplantation eyelash and eyebrow in Pakistan

Eyelash restoration Recently we have successfully treated some patients of eyelashes hair transplantation. Most of the patients have very short eyelashes, eyelashes loss, damaged eyelashes, and disordered eyelashes. The aesthetic outcome of our eyelashes hair transplantation procedure has no complaints, by the short duration, patient are 100% satisfied with its latter conditions. Some of the…

Eyebrow Hair Transplant

Eyebrow and Eyelash procedures require a very highly skilled surgical team as well as the right instrumentation, right technique and an artistry approach. In the case of eyelash transplants, using the wrong technique may not permit proper growth of the new hair and in some cases injure the existing eyelashes. To read more please visit our eyelash transplant page. Here is our eyebrow transplant page.