Dr. Muhammad Jawad Chaudhry MBBS, DCD (ENGLAND)

Dr. M. Jawad Ch.

American Board Of Hair Restoration Surgery

UK Qualified Doctor & Certified Surgeon By Hair Restoration Society Of Pakistan (HRSP)


Dr. Jawad opened Gujrat’s first surgical facility dedicated to Hair Transplantation & cosmetic surgery in 2007. The surgical facility at GHT in Gujrat is one of its kind by UK trained and qualified doctor. Patient care is constantly monitored through a rigorous quality assurance program. Our team of doctors and paramedics specialize in outpatient anesthesia. State of the art cosmetic technology combined with the utmost in privacy is the hallmark of your surgical experience at GHT Hair Transplant & Laser Surgery Center Gujrat Pakistan.

Dr. Jawad offers FUE Plus hair loss solutions and medical hair restoration. He have performed hair transplant procedures of thousands of clients (men and women) from different countries who have suffered from hair loss and progressive baldness. Learn more about the people and philosophies behind our business as well as what the world has to say about Gujrat Hair Transplant Center in Pakistan.

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