Women Hair Transplant

Hair loss in women can have an important effect over their self-esteem. Hair extensions and hair perms can camouflage the hair loss but can also damage and increase the hair damage making the problem more apparent.

Fortunately, a correct diagnosis and evaluation can help determine the possible cause for the hair loss and correct it. Treatments for both female androgenetic alopecia and non-genetic causes differ from men’s treatment because a different approach is needed in order to achieve success.

Mens Hair Transpalnt

Hair transplantation for men has evolved over the past 20 years. Nowadays, more sophisticated techniques and procedures are available at GHT Pakistan, Like FUE Plus, FUE No Touch Technique,  providing you with a natural looking hair transplant. Special attention has to be given to your hair transplant, as this procedure can really make a difference by improving your physical appearance.

Cosmetic Laser Surgery

COSMETIC LASER SURGERY IN PAKISTAN We believe that healthy skin is beautiful skin. we have professional staff and the latest technological advances in medical and non-laser light and laser skin care. we provide advanced skin treatment and skin laser treatments for a variety of skin conditions, and your skin rejuvenation needs. We have the latest…